About Us

Red and White Wines Chicago


Red & White is a spacious shop with a well-edited selection. But this, we believe, is a situation where less really is more. We specialize in small production bottles, hard-to-find offerings and wine, beer and spirits that you can’t find at your average store. We love interesting, unique, and sometimes even far-out selections that awaken the senses and tell a story about their origins and their history. We taste everything we put on our shelves, so you can explore and expand your palate knowing that even the least expensive bottles have met our rigorous standards and, more importantly, have been well-received by our customers.


Our search to bring you some of the world’s most exciting wines always begins with the land.We believe great wines come from great fruit. And great fruit is achieved by creating the healthiest environment in the vineyard.

We go out of our way to support vineyards that employ thoughtful farming practices and intervene only minimally in the land and the fruit. This philosophy lends itself to creating wines that speak of their specific origins, that are still alive in the bottle and that are active on the palate.